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Keto Pills for Boosting Immunity

Keto and Immunity what you need to know?


Keto diet is everywhere and it definitely does not require an introduction. This low carb and high fat diet plan is being used by thousands of people, to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keto diet supplements and pills are also used by diet enthusiasts to kick start their body in the right state of ketosis. If you are trying your best and your body isn’t entering the phase of ketosis, you can ask your dietitian to prescribe a good supplement for keto to you.

But with uncertain times hitting us, everyone is concerned about their immunity. As people on keto have a limited caloric intake, they are the most concerned as to how this might affect their immune system. Is it dangerous to kick your body into a state of ketosis? Does it have an adverse effect on your immunity? Well, we have all the answers for you right here.



In the midst of a pandemic, where all the stress lies on washing your hands and maintaining a good distance, we are all worried sick about our immunity. People on keto diet were a bit apprehensive whether their style of diet plan is good during these times or not.

Well, the good news for all the keto dieters is that there is no issue if you are on this diet plan. It might just be the right thing to strengthen your immunity!


3 Powerful Immunity Boosters in Keto Diet:

So while you are on keto diet, you are allowed to have some of the most health beneficial foods that you probably never paid attention to. But we are going to unveil them for you, right here.

  • Poultry:

Poultry is an essential part of keto diet. You have to maintain a certain intake of poultry daily. Thus, the first powerful booster for your immunity is present in keto!

Chicken soup is an amazing meal for boosting your immunity. It prevents you from cold and flu. The healing influence of this food element is great and must not be underestimated.

Poultry comes packed with B6 which is an immunity booster. B6 deficiency can lead to poor immunity and researches have backed it up too. In the light of several studies, it is shown and proven that b16 can strengthen your immunity and help in inflammation reduction as well.

Turkey and chicken are rich in B16 and great sources of poultry. And you can have both while you are on keto diet. It is best to look for organic poultry. As commercially grown poultry does not have the maximum healing power.

  • Almonds:

Healthy fat is an essential element of keto diet. There is certainly no better fat source than almonds!

Almonds work amazingly to boost your immunity and make it powerful.

They come packed with Vitamin E. this vitamin is highly supportive for the human body’s immune system and thus, it is essential. Apart from Vitamin E, almonds have amazingly health fats in them too. Therefore, with the right combination of fats and vitamins, almonds work perfectly to protect your immunity and make it stronger!

  • COD:

Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of the cod fish and it has been used since ancient times, to treat problems like rickets. But, the oil of the cod fish is not the only part that you can benefit from.

The flesh of this fish is extremely beneficial too. It is packed with healthy and great nutrients and comes with omega 3 fatty acids. A combination of these amazing nutrients helps in enhancing your immunity in all the right ways, to fight against diseases. This further helps in reducing inflammation which also strengthens your immune system further.

These are the 3 key foods that boost your immunity and you have them included in your keto diet. Therefore, your immunity is not at any high risk while following this diet plan.


Science and Keto Diet; Immunity System:

It is crucial to understand what science has to say about the connection between your immunity system and your keto diet. If you are following this diet plan, you will be happy to know that science also approves of the fact that it is good for your immunity. How? Let’s dig in.

  • It might help in microbe fixing:

A bunch of studies done on humans and animals, have suggested that keto can be helpful in fixing microbe. As keto alters the bacteria of the gut, it can aid in treating some autoimmune problems like IBS and inflammation linked bowel issues. It might be helpful in multiple sclerosis too.

Any rise or fall of bacteria in your body can make you prone to diseases, especially infections. Although more studies are being done in regard to this and they are much needed, but till now, it is positive that keto diet is helpful in fixing your microbe.

  • Insulin Resistance:

When your blood sugar levels spike and your insulin sensitivity is poor; you become prone to diseases like diabetes. The risk increases. But mostly people do not know that infections can lead to insulin resistance as well.

Issues like insulin resistance are not good, at almost any age in life. To keep your insulin resistance great, you can try going on keto. It is helpful in keeping your blood sugar level accurate and also aids in maintaining your blood sugar levels.

  • Inflammation reduction:

Keto has proven to reduce inflammation. It reduces some damages that are done to the human body due to infections by plummeting inflammation significantly. As this diet is low in carb intake, your body gets its fuel, by burning the stored fat. This is when your body enters a state of ketosis and produces ketones which have hydroxybutyrate included. It is also known as BHB.

The major reason why this diet is also known as an anti-inflammatory one is due to BHB. Studies have proven that BHB supports mental functioning by reducing the inflammation in the brain. Likewise, it can reduce inflammation in other body parts too.

Thus, it is highly possible that ketogenic diet can help you reduce inflammation of infectious diseases. It is not just helpful for the flu but much more.

We now come to a conclusion, that keto diet is not disrupting your immunity, in any way.


Can I take Keto Supplements?

Mostly people do not rely on keto diet supplements but if you want to achieve a ground breaking outcome, you can use these. They are helpful and as the ketogenic diet is gaining attention, the products related to it, are also boosting in the market.

What do these supplements do for you? They simply boost the production of ketone in your body and let your body enter the state of ketosis faster than usual. These supplements support and increase weight loss while on Keto Diet that allows you to burn fat for fuel. They do help you in mood stability and increase energy and focus. They are a super addition to your keto diet success.



Keto diet is a great diet plan for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle too. However, sticking to it for long periods of time can be very tough. As your food options are limited, the task is challenging, to opt for a keto based lifestyle. This is why we usually get keto diet plans for 24 days or a month or 2; not more than that.

To conclude the query whether keto is harmful for your immunity or not? Well, it isn’t. In a lot of ways, through various studies, it has been proven that keto diet might help with boosting your immunity and make it stronger.

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