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Easy Fat-Burning Secrets

Easy Fat-Burning Secrets

Fat Burning Secret #1

Forge a lean, fit physique with one easy meal-timing tweak.

If you’re eating any carbs, have them all within two hours of your workout (the post-workout window) or at NIGHT (yes, new research proves carbs at night increase fat loss). Obviously if you’re strict Keto, AVOID this. You can also just take Healthygen KetoPower Boost so you can sneak in some yummy carbs at the right time of the day.

If you're interested in the science, you can read up on this on Google... but all you need to know for now is: this stupid simple strategy will shuttle carbs to your muscles instead of store it as fat. NICE! 

A favorite post-workout or nighttime meal includes some sweet potatoes or white rice (yes, delicious “not so bad for you after all” white rice), grilled chicken or bison, and some spinach. Saute this together with some onions, garlic, butter, and a mix of delicious spices. 

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